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Such Intoxicating Delights... [entries|friends|calendar]
Sarah Sydney

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one day i will but right now... [Thursday

August 10th, 2006 at 10:30am ]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I can't see a Miata

I can't see a green Pontiac

I can't see a Trans Am

I can't hear John Mayer - Your Body is a Wonderland

I can't hear Blink 182 or Box Car Racer

I can't watch Nightmare Before Christmas, Along Came Polly, Edward Scissorhands, or any of the other 50 billion movies

I can't walk past Draper dorms

I can't walk around Radford campus

I can't bake brownies

I can't play fight

I can't go bowling

I can't go to putt-putt

I can't go to laser tag

I can't eat at Macado's or O'Charlies

I can't drive through Vinton

I can't listen to Damien Rice - Cannonball

I can't listen to all the CD's we made

I can't watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force

I can't think of weed

I can't carve pumpkins

I can't sleep on my unicorn pillow

I can't see anything Spiderman

I can't drink sweet tea

I can't watch Full House

I can't pick dandelions

I can't wear a guy's hat

I can't hear the word dimples or freckles

I can't cuddle

I can't say I heart you

without thinking about him. :[
but really it's okay now.

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April 28th, 2006 at 3:07am ]
[ mood | i gotta peeeeee.! ]

Well I took a quiz to see what Pulp Fiction character I was and the HTML code didn't work here...boo. But anyways I ended up being Jules (Sam Jackson's character) and this is what it said under the picture...

"You're Jules! Damn you're cool. You're the type of person who always acts like everything is perfectly under control, even when it's not. You handle all situations with a sort of amazing coolness that nobody can top. You know all the tricks of the...err... trade, but you often wonder what it all means. Sometimes you feel guilty after hurting people, but often...you dont. Despite this, you get all sorts of respect from people and they generally think of you as one bad mother fucker."


I had to write a paper for my Cinema class on a movie that changed the way I thought about something. And duh I chose Pulp Fiction. Here were some of my reasons:

1. People are capable of incredible evil, but people are also capable of incredible good
(example of incredible evil: Sam Jackson and John Travolta, even though they're hit men, can kill with such stoic faces and not even think twice.)
(example of incredible good: Travolta and Eric Stoltz act immediately to save Uma Thurman's life when she accidently sniffs heroin and Bruce Willis, though seemingly a tough guy boxer, is actually a very loving and loyal husband to his wife.)

2. The basic technique of how a movie is made
(example: most people believe that the main character can't die, however Tarantino proves this wrong when he kills off Travolta in the middle of the movie.)
(example: objects don't have to be shown or explained to prove their importance as with the briefcase, which never shows the contents, only a bright light coming from it.)

3. When people work together as a team instead of fight, they win
(example: Travolta and Stoltz work as a team to save Thurman's life.)
(example: Willis and Ving Rhames work as a team to get out of the pawn shop basement where they've been kidnapped.)
(example: Jackson, Travolta, Tarantino, and Harvey Keitel work as a team to clean out the car where Travolta has just blown a guy's head off.)

4. If I ever travel to France I'll know to order a Royale with cheese rather than a Quarter Pounder with cheese, because in France they have the Metric system and wouldn't know what the hell a Quarter Pounder was!

So yeah, these are the reasons Pulp Fiction has changed the way I think. And speaking of Pulp Fiction, The Grandin is doing a midnight showing of a different Tarantino movie each month this summer. June = Reservoir Dogs, July = Pulp Fiction, August = Jackie Brown. I'm excited to say the least =)


p.s. tonight was the opening of the play I'm in, The Real Inspector Hound. it went well and my family and friends were there so I felt loved. I also got O'Charley's out of it so it was a pretty awesome night to say the least! Curt is coming Saturday to see it so I'm sure I'll be uber-nervous then but I'm tooooo excited to see him...going a week without seeing each other is just unfair!

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New Year, New Chances, New Opportunities... [Monday

January 2nd, 2006 at 9:42pm ]
[ mood | bored ]

january 2nd. exactly one month until my birthday. i actually feel my age. being around my friends on new years made me realize how stuck in high school they are. i love them to death but you should see their eyes light up when they tell stories from our byrd days. i loved my days at that school...well mostly my senior year...some of the time...but we're older now. we're in college. it's amazing the stuff they find funny. i mean who hasn't seen 2 girls make out? it just made me laugh when i realized i had matured somewhat. and now that i think about it, it is the group so what else would you expect? haha...gotta love those boys.

so...speaking of new years, it just so happens to be one. a new year. 2006. i'll be the first to tell you i love new beginnings. new school year, new semester, new year, a new day even. a chance to wipe the slate clean and start over. change what needs to be changed, learn something new, try to be the person you want to be. and the first chance i get i'll screw it up...inevitably. i'm trying though. honestly. hopefully

ew, grossCollapse )

i can't believe i'm saying this but i kinda want to get back to radford. curtis and spencer will be here in the noke for this semester which blows major chunks, but i guess we'll survive. maybe this is a chance for us all to try to make better grades. me personally, i'm going for straight a's. hahahahahaha yeah right, who the hell are we kidding?


Scribbled Sonnets // 2 // . You Write Such Pretty Words .

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